It’s all about storytelling…


Young Storytellers engages creativity through the art of storytelling. Using the timeless techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and performance, they provide public school students with an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life.

They serve more than 60 public schools in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Austin, reaching over 2,000 students in elementary, middle, and high school each year.


Using one-on-one mentorship, low-income students learn how to write original stories and see them brought to life by real actors.

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10% of all regular-priced purchases goes toward our Young Storytellers goals.

The below outlines exactly how that 10% helps.

Awesome - $250
Covers the cost of training ten new Script to Stage mentors – That’s a whole program!

Fantastic - $500
Provides all supplies for ten Script to Stage programs for a semester, from notebooks to the red carpet. Yep, they roll out a red carpet.

...and since we’re feeling extra ambitious.

Amaze-balls - $1000
Provides a Day of Story workshop for a class of 20 students.
20 students! That’s amaze-balls!