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Wanderlust Salve Collection


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We’ve got your wanderlust covered!

These purse, or pocket-sized, salves are made with just 5 ingredients - herbal oils and beeswax. Take them anywhere and everywhere and use as needed!

Set of 3 includes:

  • Alkanet Root Lip Balm
    Naturally colored pink by the Alkanet root. This lightweight balm contains healing Tea Tree oil and is great for all-day reapplication.

  • Atlantic Kelp Reverie Ointment
    Infused with a dreamy blend of Lavender, Amyris, Cedarwood and Clove to soothe the nerves. Massage gently onto temples before bed, or any time of day you’re in need of a little calm.

  • S.O.S Heal All Salve
    A plain and simple salve. Infused with healing oils of Lavender and Clove. Use anytime, anywhere.

*Please note this item is sold as a set only.

Alkanet-infused safflower oil*, atlantic kelp infused safflower oil**, comfrey-infused sweet almond oil, calendula-infused mango butter, beeswax, signature blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils.
* Alkanet Root Lip Balm / ** Atlantic Kelp Reverie Ointment
note: this is a non-vegan item.

ARTISAN: Even Keel
MADE IN: New York

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