About Good Spark


It all started when…

Creativity has always been a part of Lisa Allen’s life in some way. As a child, she spent many a weekend at various craft fairs, or “art shows” as they were known back then, with her family as they sold their handcrafted wood items and silver jewelry. She even exercised her budding entrepreneurial muscles by selling her own line of puffy-paint T-shirts in her parent’s booth. The t-shirts were pretty bad! 

Eventually, later in life, she studied graphic design, and found a passion for creative writing which resulted in an unpublished novel and a handful of finished short stories and even more unfinished ones. From time-to-time she dabbles in making beaded jewelry as a hobby.

Professionally, she found herself in a decade-plus career in the consumer products industry, working for various toy companies and Disney Consumer Products, touching on everything from graphic design, product development and project management – with a little bit of branding and marketing sprinkled in. A career that eventually prompted a subtle but increasing shift in interests and priorities. As fun as the jobs were, stressful work environments synonymous with the industry and an environmentally-unfriendly process of mass manufacturing that did not align with a growing need to live more sustainably gave way to an itching for something else. 

 In the early-mid 200’s, as the millennium surged forward, a renewed interest and appreciation of handcrafted goods saw a rise in the maker movement allowing Etsy to thrive, and making craft fairs once again popular. And a familiar memory of childhood came calling.  After the recession of 2009 hit, volunteering became an outlet to feed a growing desire to give back.  Somehow, somewhere along the way, the simple idea of “awareness” became the foundation of why Good Spark was born.

April 2019 Good Spark launched as a platform to champion and promote talented artisans and dedicated non-profits with the mission “To create sustainable contributions to arts-focused non-profits through a curated collection of unique artisan-made goods and gifts.”