After 15 years of leading retail and hospitality design projects at a large architectural firm in Los Angeles, I wanted to get back to hands-on design that connects with people on a personal level.  I began designing a porcelain espresso set with washable leather coasters, and in making the set, I stumbled across this unique leather-like paper fabric.  Excited by and curious about the fabric, I purchased it and began to play with it.  I was instantly recharged and inspired by what else I could create with this incredible material.

Creative Sacs in brown and white on counter behind open recipe book
In the kitchen, I keep some exotic salts and raw sugar in the x-small bags, napkins in the medium size ones, and for movie nights I serve guests popcorn in individual small bags.  In the living room as decor, I display flowers or succulents in them, or hold magazines and books. In the bathroom, I use the x-small ones to hold cosmetics, and a very large sac to hold rolled-up bath towels for guests and as a laundry bag.  And, in my studio I have them stuffed with paint brushes, pencils, business cards, all kinds of supplies and materials I collect for projects.