A little kindness and a little bit of change go hand-in-hand to create a little bit more of a better world. Part of what makes Good Spark "Good" is the power to inspire kindness, compassion, and change.

We give 10% of your purchase toward a "Community Care Package." 

Hand selected by Good Spark, each Care Package is valued at around $60 and contains everyday necessities such as socks, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, deodorant, and more, to help those who have fallen on hard times. Each Care Package will be distributed at the end of the month to a local (local to you!). 

We know supporting a community in need is as important as supporting a community overall.



As part of the 'Made In Los Angeles Collection', current donations will support The Midnight Mission.  Founded in 1914, The Midnight Mission offer programs and aid to help individuals back on their feet.