Good Spark values a life lived mindfully, with choices reflecting a love for ourselves and for our planet. 

We believe a successful life is not a life lived busily, but a life lived fully. 

We value a life handcrafted; whether it’s a homemade meal prepared with whole ingredients, or sipping a favorite beverage from a handmade mug. Taking the time to smell a rose, a stroll around the block on a sunny afternoon, or simply appreciating the beauty of a butterfly hovering above a cluster of blossomed lavender. The simple, basic joys rooted in what our mother earth has provided for us.

Sustainable living is no longer a trend, it is a must. Our everyday choices, great or small, need to be in service of our mother earth.  

Our mission is to bring us as close as we can to living our best sustainable lives. By building bridges between creativity and sustainability we give back to our communities, create climate change awareness and better lifestyle choices, all while supporting local artists and providing them with a living wage (in turn artists provide us with things of beauty to enjoy forever). 

All products are ethically sourced, and handmade by artisans throughout the United States. 

When you buy local or handmade you are supporting community and sustaining our planet.