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How many earths are needed to sustain *your* ecological footprint?

Deciding I wanted to find out for myself how eco-friendly my lifestyle really was I searched for a site that would calculate just that. This is the internet after all, there's gotta be something like that out there, and, of course, there was! I came across the Global Footprint Eco Calculator , a simple but detailed questionnaire. To be honest, I started the quiz with smug anticipation of a high score.  Nope! Not so much. Whoops! My results are below.

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Good Spark is going Green!

Saving our earth should not be just a cause. Sustainability is not just a buzz word. Sustainability is a way a of life. A way of life that clashed with our ‘reality’ - as we knew it. Fast-paced, harried lives gave rise to modern conveniences in the form of single use everything. Plastic everything. Convenience became the cornerstone to the successful modern American life. Now, it is dire that sustainable living become the cornerstone of the successful modern American life.

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