Good Spark is going Green!

In these times of uncertainty and unknown, times of stillness and distancing, and as a response to the current climate, Good Spark will be shifting focus. Good Spark will be going Green.


And what does that mean?

Over the course of the last couple months, we watched our world as we knew it unexpectedly come to a grinding halt. Not the immediate city you call home, or the United States. Our entire planet stopped. This ‘halt’ has given way for nature to flourish - once again.  Yes, we are battling an unknown and unprecedented health pandemic, but we should not forget we are also battling to save our precious Mother Earth. Climate Change has not stopped just because we have. Climate Change is and has been an ongoing battle.

Honestly, living more sustainably is a lifestyle I have been moving toward, that I aspire to. Step-by-by. As with everything it is a journey. A practice.  And now it has become a cause. 

But, saving our earth should not be just a cause. Sustainability is not just a buzz word. Sustainability is a way a of life. A way of life that clashed with our ‘reality’ - as we knew it. Fast-paced, harried lives gave rise to modern conveniences in the form of single use everything. Plastic everything. Convenience became the cornerstone to the successful modern American life. Now, it is dire that sustainable living become the cornerstone of the successful modern American life.

We are living slower now. Commuting less. Cooking more. Some of us are even baking…more. True, this new way of life is not voluntary. We miss those nights out. Or afternoons out. Lunch with friends and family. Drinks and celebrations. Simply getting a haircut or a mani/pedi (I miss those mani/pedi’s!). Even a quick run to the store to grab a few things or Saturday afternoon browsing with friends for a new outfit is now a memory of a not so distant past. All of this we took for granted, but, those liberties will return. Maybe not this year, but, they will. One day.

Until then, our lives, so slow and steady, are saving not only us but our planet. It’s an undeniable cycle. We care for our Mother; she cares for us – all living things. Good Spark’s mission is to bring us all as close as we possibly can to ‘living our best sustainable lives.’  By building bridges between creativity and sustainability, we support artists by providing them with a living wage (in turn artists provide us with things of beauty to enjoy forever), give back to our communities and bring awareness. As with most aspects of daily living so common to us all there is great disparity, and an eco-conscious lifestyle is no exception. Underserved communities lack resources and awareness. Financial and otherwise.  And, putting food on the table and paying rent, simply making ends meet day-to-day take priority over purchasing a roll of recycled aluminum foil for nearly double the cost of a regular roll of foil. 

 With that, Good Spark will join the cause for our environment, for sustainability.
For all beautiful living things, great and small. Stay tuned over the coming months  

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