CREATOR CONVERSATIONS: Alexandra Corrin | Corrin Ceramics

Whimsical and warm colors mix with psychedelic art inspiration and mid-century design, making Alexandra's line of Corrin Ceramics authentically and creatively unique to anything that's out there. 

Meet Alexandra Corrin; talented artist, designer, ceramicist. 

Browse some of her stunning ceramics here.

GOOD SPARK: How has being a ceramic artist influenced your life?

ALEXANDRA:  Clay is a demanding teacher that requires patience, time, and the humility to take ownership of your mistakes. Clay will expose your weaknesses and strengths. It will show you when you are being lazy, stubborn, or selfish, and requires you to be humble, think critically, collaborate, and dream.

I found ceramics in high school and it was the perfect outlet to work though my thoughts in a way that felt authentic and judgment free. It was like writing in a visual journal, where feelings were colors and thoughts were shapes and the only framework was the limits of the material.

When I started to pursue ceramics as a career it helped me realize and value my creativity and unique artistic voice. This gave me the confidence to invest in my talents and explore my strengths and weaknesses by creating a space for me to quiet the voices of others and listen to my inner dialogue for guidance.

Working with clay is appealing to me because it requires the simultaneous awareness of body and mind. It requires fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as well as thoughtfulness, imagination, and planning. I noticed right away that working with clay strengthened my physical awareness of my body and challenged me take ownership for the impact of my decisions. This helped me highlight areas of my life that needed attention and learn when to push my limits and when to take my time.

Being a ceramic artist has influenced every part of my life for the better. Each day brings with it a new challenge or unexpected joyful surprise. I’m constantly amazed at the depth and complexity of clay and glaze and will never stop wanting to learn more about this beautiful and mysterious process.

GOOD SPARK:  Was there someone, or something, that inspired you to pursue ceramics?

ALEXANDRA:  I was inspired to pursue ceramics by my high school ceramics teacher. The things she taught me still heavily influence my creative style and way of working today. I remember liking that she was not afraid of being really straightforward with you. She was always available to provide advice or a listening ear to the students in her class, but would not tolerate students who were unwilling to put in the work for good results.

Being in her class was the first time I felt like I understood really wanting to be good at something and being willing to work for it. If she saw you were serious and really wanted to work hard she would provide you with opportunities to push the boundaries of your craft.

GOOD SPARK: Did you know you always wanted to create ceramics?

ALEXANDRA:  Before high school I didn’t know I wanted to work with clay. When I was a kid I hoped to become a fashion designer. I studied anthropology and industrial design for a few years during and after college but did not make the decision to pursue ceramics until after I graduated.

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