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Ideas are those things that don’t always come all at once, come packaged neatly, and most certainly not with an instruction booklet on how to manage or implement. No, they are disguised as nondescript doodles, drunken ramblings after one too many bottles of wine, or coffee-break rantings and are strewn throughout the days of our lives. Stretching weeks, and often years they incubate in the cobwebbed corners of our minds like some covert top secret project, that we, the owner of our own minds, are not even privy to. Yet, somehow these abstract ideas slowly become less blurred and begin to take shape, like a masterpiece in progress, as something that possibly might one day be recognizable. That’s the best way to describe my experience with coming up with Good Spark. There was a “behind the scenes” creative process going on, even if I wasn’t fully aware.

After a decade-plus career in consumer products, I not only saw firsthand, but was apart of, the chain reaction of stress and overflow of product and packaging that would ultimately just end up contributing to our already overflowing landfills. That little abstract idea began surfacing more as a tugging feeling on the shirtsleeves of my heart saying, “I can do more. I know I can do more.” Even more than that, I wanted to do more. To use my years of experience and skills for “good” as I put it, not just a paycheck.

So, I think the best way to describe why I started Good Spark is in one word…


Who doesn’t love finding out about those cool hidden gems? Whether its a cool bar or restaurant, or an up-and-coming band, or some fun cool item to decorate your home that’s not found in every mass chain found in every mall. I don’t know about you, but those gems offer some fresh air from the staleness of my comfort zone. There’s something really cool about handmade items. Sure, they are unique. But, they also have soul. They are made with love, and I wanted to shout from the rooftops, to spread the word about all these awesome handmade items I was coming across. To support these wonderful, dedicated, talented artisans. From all over the country. So, I thought, why not create a sort of hub, where supporting local independent artisans can be accessible from anywhere. Okay, so I get it, that’s pretty much the point of an online store. The magic that is an online store is that it brings “local” together.

As for the arts, nothing brings me more joy or dazzles my senses like being immersed in the creative. I cannot imagine my life without the magic of photography, storytelling, art, music, dance, theatre, artisanal creations or any other creative manifestations given life from someone’s colorful imagination. Thanks to the generosity of self-expression the list is nearly endless. That, to me is all ‘art.’ The arts are healing, they give back and bring together community, The Arts are transformational.

I believe as long as creativity thrives, The Arts will never disappear. However, encouragement and exposure to the arts, especially for our youth, is at risk of fading. especially where their education is concerned.

 So, the connection between the two was a no-brainer.

Thus, Good Spark was created as a platform to support and bring awareness to both Arts Education and the wonderfully talented artisans and artists who make our days a little brighter.