There are many wonderful sites dedicated to Arts Advocacy, filled with information on how you can help at every level from the sidewalk to the senate. But, I’ll be honest, the amount of information can be a bit overwhelming. Especially for everyday folks like you and I.

To simplify a bit, below are five IG accounts to follow to start you on your arts advocacy journey. 

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3 Not-So-Obvious Reasons “The Arts” Contribute To Society

We’ve all heard it before; The Arts are vital to our youth’s development, The Arts are under attack, Arts programs are being cut from schools.

What really makes The Arts, or any creative activity, so important to our youth and to our society?

According to Americansforthearts.org, the positive impact of The Arts (an all encompassing term which includes, literature, dance, painting, music, et al…) reaches far beyond the classrooms of our youth where finger-painting and paper “hand” turkeys .

Below are a few not-so-obvious areas of society that benefit greatly from The Arts, and it’s byproduct, creativity.

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5 arts-focused non-profits in L.A. to volunteer with

Out of the goodness of your heart you’ve decided to dedicate that rare sliver of spare time for the greater good. Maybe, you’re in a rut and need to experience life from a different perspective. Whatever the reason, volunteering is guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself and your place in this ever-chaotic world, and, in my opinion the simplest way to spread kindness and hope. 
How do you know which organization to volunteer for?  If you’re interested, as I am, in anything art-related keep reading for some suggestions.

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