Remember those early days when you would dip your fingers in different colored paint and smash your fingertips against that clean white paper? Do you remember how fun it was? How your unique fingerprint left your mark in a glob of red or yellow paint.

Art and creative expression should be a standard in school curriculums as mathematics and English and science. But, it’s not. Art, or any creative activity, is often an afterthought. Funding dries up. Teachers are left to bear the weight of introducing creativity and creative activity on thier own. Paying for art supplies out of their own pockets.

So, I’ve decided to shift Good Spark’s focus from arts education non-profits, to supporting arts in the classrooms. Especially in lower income areas children may not always have access to arts education non-profits, or a parent or guardian does not understand or see the importance of a well-rounded education that includes the arts.

Through, classrooms in are selected based on their requests for supplies from teachers wishing to integrate more art and creativity into their classrooms. Read below for our featured classroom.


SCHOOL: Del Olmo Elementary, Los Angeles, Ca
More than half of the students come from low-income households.
PROJECT REACH: 24 students
FUNDRAISER TIMELINE: expires November 2, 2019 (Project request submitted on July 3rd)
TEACHER: Ms. Juarez

GOAL AMOUNT: $1,174 (see below for itemized cost of materials requested.)

Help me give my students 3 Ukeleles, handrums, and a junior drum set..”
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I would like to provide my students with ukeleles and drums to integrate Music throughout the day to help reduce my students' feelings of anxiety and stress and help them improve concentration and on-task behavior. Music engages students in content that is being covered and helps them develop language and comprehension.

Music also acts as a tool for developing student-student and student-teacher relationships.

10% of every sale benefits Ms. Juarez’s project, or you can donate directly by clicking the below button.