What is Good Spark?
At Good Spark, we want to harness the power of creativity and cast its potential for good out into the world.

We are socially conscious. We are eco conscious. We are community minded.

We are an online destination for quality, unique handmade goods made from artisans from around the country. More than that, Good Spark is a community for like-minded souls who believe in creativity, giving-back and contributing to a more sustainable future.

This begins with awareness, education, and, of course, our children.

Our commitment to creativity is fostered through supporting small businesses and individuals comprised of artists and artisans from around the United States.
Every item offered on Good Spark is hand-designed / handcrafted.

In addition, 10% of every item purchased will be donated to featured local non-profits dedicated to encouraging and inspiring creative magic in our youth.

Every child should have the opportunity to express those daring dreams and bold ideas using their own creative magic.

All it takes is a little spark.

To create sustainable contributions to arts-focused non-profits through a curated collection of unique artisan-made goods and gifts.